April Campout Plans

Sometimes when plans change, they change for the better.  At least we hope that is the case here!  The campout will take place the weekend of April 25th-27th.

Working through the PLC and getting permission from the Council, we will be holding the April campout on a very unique property that hosts some very unique events.  We will be travelling down near Oskaloosa, about an hour away, and camping on a farm.  Part of this farm used to be an active coal mine.  Once the coal was gone, the operation moved on, but the byproduct of this operation create some very interesting terrain.  When a strip mine is in operation, they extract the coal from the soil and spit the unusable stuff back out.  This is called tailings.

JOCCI Farm Pano

 Jeep Rides!

Ryan FlexingSteep Drop

So, the earth is scarred from this but some creative folks have found uses for it still.  It creates a unique off-roading environment that is just awesome!  As the Scoutmaster of Troop 73 and also the President of the Jeep Outdoor Club of Central Iowa, I have received approval to join these two groups together for a weekend of adventure.  The young men of Troop 73 will be able to go on an off-roading adventure ride!  Adults- don’t worry, my plan is to get you rides, too!  The terrain you will be riding on will not include obstacles that I deem dangerous for our boys.  This includes high probability for roll-overs and “flops” which is laying the Jeep over on it’s side.  After all the trail rides are over and if the boys would like, we will demonstrate the more extreme capabilities of these awesome machines for you as you observe from the sidelines.

Jeeps posing on a hill



But Wait- There’s More!

And this is just ONE of the activities for this campout!  There is also a 3 acre pond chock full of fish (bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish).  You will have opportunities to hike around and get up close and personal with this place~ what boys don’t like to go exploring, huh?  If a group of boys would like, they could turn this into a hike-in campout and set up near the pond.  This place has tons of opportunities for activities.  I bet you could find a dozen more than what I have listed!


In order for anyone to participate in the Jeep rides, there are waivers that parents of minors and adults that want to participate will have to sign.  No signature, no ride.  There is an element of danger with this activity and just like with other things, waivers must be signed in advance.  This is no different from climbing/rappelling or SCUBA diving.  There is risk involved, but with some training and discipline, the risk is minimal.  For this reason, I would encourage parents to join us for a bit of the Troop meeting on 4/21 to make sure this gets handled before departure.  

I am very excited to show these boys one of my favorite hobbies up close and personal.  Heck, I bet half of’em will end up buying Jeeps some day because of the fond memories they will have from this campout.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Scoutmaster Weaverling

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