April Jeeping Campout

Wow.  I’m a bit behind on blogging about the troop.  Too much going on, I suppose!

Well, the April campout was awesome.  Not only from my perspective, but the rave reviews I heard from the boys.  We split the troop in half and those that wanted to backpack in did so.  The other group car camped.  We had a midnight hike on Fri night where we went to the top of the “Big Hill” and got to see some awesome stars.  The boys accidently camped on the edge of a farm field instead of next to the pond as planned.  Oh well, nobody died.  They camped where they chose to camp.  Only a couple of crappie were caught in the fishing hole.  Might have been a few weeks early on the fishing.

There was a heck of a storm system bearing down on us as we wrapped up Saturday evening. We determined that this property in wet conditions could prove to be a safety concern. As a result, we ate dinner, cleaned up and broke camp. We took a good hour and policed the “parking lot” area for trash and really did a nice job picking up what others left behind. Great job, boys. The land owner really appreciated it!

Two of my scouts sent me video compilations from the weekend’s Jeeping activities.  Both are really cool.  Check them out!

Luke’s Video:


Quintin’s Video:

Thanks for sharing, boys!

You two have inspired me to look for boys interested in the Videography Merit Badge. Any takers?

Scoutmaster Weaverling

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  1. LOVED the videos & music selections created by Luke & Quintin after the JEEP’ing adventure! Troop 73’s slogan created by co-founder; “TROOP 73…where adventure begins!” Thrilled to see the Troop is carrying on with new adventures! Wishing Scouts and Scouters a fantastic summer camp experience at Tomahawk this year! ~Sheryl Martin

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