Camp Tomahawk – Report #1

Sorry it’s taken me a few days for my first post on summer camp.  Things are going pretty good up here.  Lot’s of smiles seen on the face of each and every boy.  The skeeters are a force to be reckoned with and we have a few boys that are learning that bug spray is intended to be applied more than once per day and how long pants help prevent you from getting your legs beat up so badly.  Valuable lesson there!

Well, so far the weather has been warm and muggy until overnight last night.  It’s cool and moist now.  I guess they are talking about lows in the upper 40s today.  It shouldn’t cause much problem for our guys though- they seem to be very well prepared for camp.

For program, the boys taking the High Adventure programs (Aquatics and “Ride”) are having a blast.  I understand young Mr. Vlahakis wrecked his ATV today.  No worries- no injuries.  He almost seemed proud of it.  Good luck with car insurance for him down the road!  The best part about it?  He got it all on GoPro.  Can’t wait to see the footage!

Mr. Lane is smoking me in the fishing competition so far.  I’ve barely wet a line myself.  Looks like I might be missing some facial hair soon unless I focus more.  That kid is a machine when it comes to fishing.

The Wilderness Survival boys had their “survival night” experience last night.  Wowsa- rain and low 50s last night.  Best part- they all survived.  Great job out of them.

We’ve got 3 boys going for the mile swim- Gaumer, Hines, and younger Mr. Schneider.  All did the 1/4 mile qualifier last night.  They are doing the 1/2 mile qualifier as I type this.  The mile swim is scheduled for Thurs evening.  Good luck, boys!

Our first year scouts are rocking it and rocking it well.  I’m very impressed and proud of all of them.

I’ve seen a more frequent initiative by most of the boys to take regular showers.  This is very good news.  Trust me.

They are just wrapping up their Logging Camp experience.  I can’t wait to get back to camp and find out how that goes.

We’ve had a few boys with some homesickness.  It’s hard to believe this is happening when all I see all day long is smiles on faces and laughter everywhere.  It’s normal, and within reason though.  Hey- it happens!

The only trip to the Dr. so far was for me.  I’ve been having breathing problems and finally realized that they were worse than just being out of shape.  I went in to get checked (at a Mayo Clinic clinic in Rice Lake) and found that I have some sort of exercise induced bronchial spasm caused by a viral infection.  They got me an inhaler and so far it seems to be doing the trick.  I was getting winded after 20 yards this morning and I did around a 3 mile hike tonight without any problems.  Yay for modern medicine.

Due to my breathing issues, I don’t have any photos to share with you yet.  Stay tuned- I’m hoping Mr. Davis and Mr. Ollie will share a few gems with me tonight.  Posting is not as convenient as I had hoped as internet is over a mile from camp so my stops by here are not as frequent as I expected.

Well, time to head over to pick up the boys and head back to camp.  Reporting to you live, from the beautiful Northwoods of Camp Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Scoutmaster Ryan Weaverling

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