Camp Tomahawk Wrap-up

Well, blogging from camp didn’t get done as I had hoped.  Between the grind of camp, not feeling well, and the internet connection being 2 miles from camp, I didn’t get to do it as often as I’d like to have.  I’ll tell you this much, I understand why summer camp is only a week long.  It’s because us aging folks couldn’t handle much more!

So, to wrap up the week- what a roller coaster ride.  I (and many other leaders) went from face palming incidents to trying to find a way to wipe tears from our eyes because of some of the GRAND wins some of these boys had.  I can tell you, I am very proud of the young men of Troop 73 for the heart and perseverance I witnessed this past week.  Some old friendships were rekindled among scouts and some new ones were forged.

I understand that 108 merit badges were earned (completed) during the week.  Crunching the numbers on that, it works out to just over an average of 3 per boy for the week.  Not too shabby!  The boys that opted for the High ADventure treks were very excited about the adventure and quality of program they were offered.

After one trip to the ER and another incident, I realize that as a troop, we need to do more KNIFE SAFETY.  Maybe we’ll save a family a co-pay down the road or heck, maybe even avoid knife injuries all together!  Luckily, I’ve got a couple of very capable 14 year olds that are going to re-earn their Totin’chit cards back by teaching others the PROPER ways to handle the tools of our trade.

One lesson that I hope everyone takes away from camp is this.  Decisions that you make each and every day can have major impacts on so many aspects of your life.  Whether your in a big group of people, or alone by yourself.  Living your lives by the Scout Oath and Law should be foundational in everything you do.  I can’t think of a single point in either of those that would lead you down the wrong path.

I don’t have many photos from camp and I have not received many from others.  Yet.  I did, however, record the closing campfire program and have posted the T73 skits on YouTube for public consumption.  Enjoy!

 In closing, the northwoods stole my heart back in 1989 on a trip to the Boundary Waters with Troop 81.  Since then, I’ve been blessed with a number of trips to the north central area of the US.  I stumbled upon this sign on one of those trips that sums up how I feel about the northwoods in very simple words:

If you're lucky enough to be up north, you're lucky enough...

If you’re lucky enough to be up north, you’re lucky enough…


Scoutmaster Ryan Weaverling

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