Little Sioux Campout 2014

Well, the troop had a great campout this past weekend at Little Sioux.  The weather was perfect!  The boys managed to put on a good program.  We had three stations going on at the same time and had the patrols rotate through.

Station 1 – Firem’n Chit

This is where the boys learn about the components needed to build a fire, where to find these materials, and how to use them in combination to make many different types of fires.  What boy doesn’t like to learn more about fire, right?  Each of them got to try their hand at the old flint and steel.

Little Sioux 2014007  Little Sioux 201415

Station 2 – Totin’ Chit

This is where boys learn all about knife and other sharp things and the respect they require in order to use them safely.  They talked about the different types of knives and their purposes.  How to pass them to one another in a safe manner (Thank You!).  What is a sheath and how is it used on a knife, saw, or axe.  How to set up an axe yard and make sure you ask permission to enter it.  Where NOT to stand when someone is swinging an axe.  How to sharpen a knife, saw and axe.

Little Sioux 2014003  Little Sioux 2014004

Station 3 – Dehydration Station

Generally speaking, dehydration is something we try to avoid at all cost in Boy Scouts because we’re usually talking about how Timmy Tentpeg isn’t drinking enough water.  However, dehydration of food is what we’re focussing on here!  After going to the Boundary Waters on High Adventure this past summer, we realized that the boys did not know how to prepare backcountry food very well because of all of the front country camping we do as a troop.  So, the boys have chosen to do a hike-in campout in May.  We decided to add a station where the boys could get some hands on experience dehydrating some food.  The meal plan is this: 2lbs Ground Beef, 2 packs taco seasoning, 1 box of Spanish rice, 1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 jar of salsa, 1 can of Rotel.  So, the boys cooked the beef and drained all excess grease off to help it keep longer then spread it out on dehydrator trays.  They opened the salsa and spread it out on trays.  They drained the excess fluid off the diced tomatoes and Rotel and spread them out on sheets.  145 degrees and 6-8hrs later, they had food dried and ready for packaging!

Little Sioux 2014002  Little Sioux 2014001

Doc and the Memorial Hike

Doc, the camp ranger, took the boys on a tour of the chapel and a hike up to the memorial on top of the hill.  He knocked it out of the park, as always, describing the tornado that hit the camp in in June of 2008.  Very tragic story.  He is a big reason our boys keep wanting to come back to Little Sioux Scout Ranch!  What a great Scouter!

Little Sioux 2014006  Little Sioux 2014005

What was learned?

There were many things learned this past weekend.  The new scouts hit the ground running and worked great as a patrol.  I’m very excited to see this.  One of our boys found out why it’s not a good idea to throw a full Nalgene water bottle up in the air.  Another boy found out what it’s like to take a water bottle to the beak.  The lesson *I* learned was  “Horseplay Leads to Sick Bay”.

HorsePlayResult 300X399

Another valuable lesson we learned on the drive home- lock the side door to the trailer to ensure bags don’t fall out while going down the road.  Yeah.  That was cool.

Scoutmaster Unwinds

So, after the trip to the ER to get medical help to get the bloody nose to stop (after a 2.5hr bleed), I sure needed something to lower the stress levels.  Luckily, the stars decided to come out to play so Mr. Davis and I took an opportunity to go unwind for a bit and with the help of Mr. Wright were able to catch a few snaps of the stars.

 Little Sioux 201416 Little Sioux 201417

 Little Sioux 201418 Little Sioux 201419

It’s always fun when the boys can have fun while learning new skills.  That’s the name of the game, right?  Fun with a purpose?  

There it is.  Another great Troop 73 campout in the books!

Scoutmaster Weaverling

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