Summer Camp

What is a youth program without a trip to Summer Camp?  This is where bonds are strengthened, skills are honed, and lifelong memories are made.  Statistics show that boys that participate in summer camp in the Scouting program are more likely to stay active with the program.  It is an opportunity of a lifetime and we at Troop 73 strongly encourage all scouts to attend scout camp.


Each year the boys research camps in the area on their own and then share their findings with the rest of the troop.  Once all options have been explored the boys vote on where they go.  We have been to Camp Mitigwa (Woodward, IA), Camp Cedars (Freemont, NE), and Lewis & Clark Scout Camp (Tabor, SD).

In 2014 the boys have chosen to try a new camp.  It is Camp Tomahawk located near Birchwood, WI.  We are looking forward to checking out this new camp this summer!

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