Sept 22nd Troop Meeting


JJ Hunzelman’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor is October 12th at 1:00, at the Ankeny Issac Walton League
Popcorn sales begin this coming weekend


The March Campout is the 6th-8th and is at the Air and Space Museum, possibly going with Troop 85 as well
The April Campout is the 10th-12th and is Mountain Biking & Fishing
The May Campout is the 1st-3rd and is Jeeping
The June Campout is Summer Camp, patrols to vote on Cedars, Lewis & Clark, or Mitigwa
The July Campout is the 24th-26th and is TBD
The August Campout is the 21st-23rd and is TBD (Prob upper iowa)

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