September 15th Troop Meeting


  • JJ’s Eagle Ceremony October 12th 1:00 at the Ankeny Issac Walton League
  • Scout Maytag Service Project September 20th 1:00-3:00
  • Philmont Deposit due next monday $400

AAR for Biking and Ledges


  • Good Food
  • Good Weather
  • Campfire
  • Other People on the Trail
  • Low Participation


Honor Flight Volunteer Opportunity
  • WWII Vets traveling to Washington DC
  • Flags and Hand made signs along bus route
  • route for WW2
  • class A’s
  • September 29th
  • Helping out at Prairie Meadows
  • Mr. Juhl to gather more details this week and report to the troop at the next troop meeting


  • 17-19
  • Rockford Fossil Park


  • 14-16
  • Surprise at Mitigwa – you don’t want to miss this campout!! 


  • 12-14
  • Thankful dinner
  • Mitigwa
  • Viking Themed


  • 10
  • Klondike Derby

Combined notes from temporary scribes

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