Who We Are


Grilled Cheese Brickette

Troop 73 was founded on the principle of Boy Led. An easy way to understand what this means to us can be summarized as, never do for a boy what a boy can do for himself. Celebrating this doctrine, the young men of Troop 73 are in charge of their own destiny.


The adults are here for the safety of the boys, ensure the program they request is delivered and to encourage them to dream big.  We are not there to do their dishes. We are not there to guide them on a hike. We are not there to push rank advancement. We are not there to cook their food. If they burn their grilled cheese sandwich, they will learn that burnt food doesn’t taste so good and maybe next time they won’t cook on such a hot griddle!  The result of this is a troop that has grown from being only 5 boys strong the year it was founded to nearly 60 boys only 6 years later. 


If you would like to learn more about us, I would encourage you to come pay us a visit!