Founder’s Message

A message from the Founder of Troop 73

Boy Scout Troop 73 was established to serve the youth of the Ankeny Community. Prior to Troop 73’s inception, my wife Sheryl and I perceived a need in the community for a genuinely youth-lead troop. A Boy Scout Troop that would provide a high quality program which would make it possible for its young men to experience the Scouting program as we believe was intended to be delivered.

By the grace of the Lord and His supportive congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Troop 73 was created. In addition, I give my gratitude to Hawk Eye District Executive, Jim Smith, for his support and counsel in this endeavor.

My vision is a program which faithfully utilizes the ‘Patrol Method’, where the Scouts are allowed the independence of managing the troop. Elected by members of their patrol, Patrol Leaders assume meaningful duties and are directly responsible for the members of the patrol. The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) plans the Troop calendar; what, where, why, with little or no adult intervention. The troop’s youth leadership organizes and leads the meetings.

Scouts gain knowledge and learn skills by doing. They are presented with circumstances which cultivate self-reliance, personal accountability, teamwork, unity and service to others; experiencing success or occasionally disappointment or even failure. These challenges are essential for the behavioral and emotional development of our youngsters for personal growth.

Troop 73 will administer a program which adheres to the policies and program of the Boy Scouts of America; retaining the spirit of Scouting as expressed by Robert Baden Powell founder of the Scouting movement. Powell counsels; “Never do for a boy, what he can do for himself”, this is one of Troop 73’s foremost guiding principles. While this practice has been known to produce angst in adults, it must be supported.

Troop 73 will strive to facilitate an environment which provides the resources, training and experience, to enable its Scouts to mature into young men of good character as exemplified in the Scout Oath and Law.

I am resolute in my quest to achieve these goals. I heartily welcome the support of those of like mind.

Tim Martin, Co-Founder of Troop 73 *